How I Overcome Self-Doubt Each Day: A Not-So-Obvious Technique

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The very fact that you’re reading this is proof enough that you’re not only aware of your inconsistencies but are willing to overcome your self-doubt too. Congratulations! Half the battle is, hence, won!

However, I’m not going to lay down practical tips and hacks to overcome your self-doubt. You may have read them everywhere and are probably implementing the most important ones already.

Here, I’m going to show you a way whereby you can keep your motivation and sanity intact while you’re already on the path to making progress.

Self-doubt much?

Likewise, even while making progress, it can get a little difficult to keep faith in yourself. We all know the importance of personal growth. Even then, self-doubt happens to the best of us and is here to stay. So let’s learn how to address it.

Speaking of my technique, I use it each day to nudge myself out of my comfort zone. I use it to take small steps towards making invisible and unapparent progress in self-development as well as I can. Now let’s get to the point, shall we?

Think of any successful and happy person that comes to your mind right now. They needn’t be a well-known public figure making millions each year. It can be a neighbor next door or one of your own parents or a friend that made it big despite the hurdles that stood their way.

I’m sure they had their own shares of self-doubt and low esteem, especially when they were starting out. Consequently, they may have used plenty of tips to overcome self-doubt, and may have succeeded too. But if you ask them, that if given a chance, what would they do differently?

Chances are high they will answer saying that they would’ve liked making more mistakes and, most importantly, being confident and happy while making them!

What is the big secret to overcome self-doubt?

If that successful person, for instance, were given a time machine today and given a chance to relive, not change, the starting days of their career, I bet they would be more confident, sure, and firm-footed in their endeavors.

They will maintain that stance even while making the silliest of mistakes and taking the most horrible decisions. Why? Because they know exactly that this series of events will gradually lead them where they ought to be a few years down the line.

Sounds crazy, doesn’t it? However, you’ll surely need to back it up with efficient tips to overcome self-doubt. So, what’s the big secret? It’s this:

It. Will. Happen.

You may not know how, or when, but know that it will happen. And that is the biggest nudge I give myself each day whenever I feel the slightest pangs of self-doubt setting in.

How do you bring yourself to believe it?

Self-doubt is, perhaps, the cruellest factor there is when it comes to limiting self-growth and development. And it is equally difficult to believe in yourself when your self-doubt is brimming at its fullest. But there is one story that will, perhaps, conclude this debate of overcoming self-doubt once and for all: The story of Moses.

Moses was stuck between the devil and the deep sea. And I released the meaning of this metaphor just last week, but that’s out of topic! And Moses’s companions gave up on him. He saw no way out. His people were heavily outnumbered so there was no going back and fighting.

But, but being the keyword here, he knows he’ll make it. Let that sink in. He knows, not believes, not hopes, but knows. He may not know how, but he knows he’s getting to the other side unharmed.

Here is a man who has every reason to doubt himself and the survival of his people. He can see he’s done for. And in the midst of this intense chaos and tension, he chooses to stay his ground.

The lesson?

Likewise, I want you to have that kind of faith in yourself. Know it that you’ll make it. You may not know how or when, but know that it will happen. And if you aren’t quite satisfied with the story of Moses, I’ve another example for you.

Imagine I give you an opportunity to meet the future version of yourself who is highly successful and is killing it big time. When you actually meet yourself and see that your hard work has paid off and that you’ve finally made it, you wouldn’t be doubting yourself anymore, would you?

You would rather be laughing in the faces of people who mock at you today. You’d choose to ignore demotivating pieces of advice and simply focus on your job. No matter who says what, you’d want to keep progressing on your own path.

And, most importantly, you’d never once doubt your own worth, not ever for a moment. You’d know the importance of personal growth and keep channeling your efforts in the right direction.

I’m asking you to do these things, but without having met your future self. Behave as if you’ve seen the future and you know precisely well that you will soon be above all.

How can you keep up with this technique?

The simple rule to overcome self-doubt is to back it up with your consistent efforts. For instance, if you intend to get hold of that dream job or want to get promoted to a position of your choice, you need to work.

Maybe you’ll need to polish your skills or get good at networking. Whatever it may be, you will have to work towards it.

But when you don’t results after you’ve put in your best, it is time to believe. Self-doubt easily sets in when you are at your most vulnerable. Here is when you need to keep self-doubt at bay.

And how do you overcome self-doubt? By simply knowing, not believing or hoping, that the best is yet to come. Make tangible plans, but back them up with a faith like you’ve met you future self who is more successful and smarter than you can ever be. Ironic much?

What do we learn?

Having said that, this technique to overcome self-doubt will work provided you’re already implementing practical tips to improve your self-worth and enhance your personality.

Like I mentioned before, this advice will seldom work for you if you sit in your bed all day waiting for things to magically fall into place.

However, if you’re struggling and working hard, but facing demotivating failures and setbacks occasionally, recollect the story of Moses.

Finally, understand this: If God can miraculously part the Red Sea for Moses and his people, what makes you think He cannot pave way for your little successes?

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