The Biggest Hack to Increase Your Self-Confidence

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Have you found yourself reacting differently in two different groups of varied types of friends? For instance, you have a set of acquaintances who are quite well-off and over-the top when it comes to aspects that you admire; while the other group may lack these qualities.

But I observed a distinct difference in my way of interacting with different people. And I used it to my benefit to understand how to increase my self-confidence and work on it.

So, let’s learn writeaway, shall we?!

We all behave this way. “What way”, you ask?

I was always a smart student, well-dressed, and well-mannered. So whenever I was put into a company of people that weren’t quite good at studies or not so well-dressed according to my standards, my confidence levels immediately shot up.

On the other hand, whenever I interacted with the cool kids of the class, the rich people, the good looking and smarter ones, I had my own self-esteem licking the floor and touching new lows that I never even knew existed.

Now, I was never a shallow person and I never looked down upon or looked up to any of my peers. It was only an innate reaction that, thankfully, never made it to the surface. Or so I’d like to think! I desperately needed to figure out how to increase my self-confidence and, most importantly, keep it stable.

Although I didn’t always show it on the outside, I couldn’t help but question why it existed in the first place. And this has nothing to do with any of their or my personal morals.

What’s the biggest hack on how to increase your self-confidence?

You may have heard a million times to ‘believe in yourself,’ ‘have faith in yourself,’ ‘prepare well beforehand,’ and ‘believe you’re the best’ when it comes to mastering self-confidence.

Even so, I’ve blended these tips and techniques of how to increase your self confidence into one little habit that worked well for me and is now an ingrained part of my personality.

Over the years, however, there’s one technique I’ve learnt that I’ve conditioned with time. Not only does it work best in every sort of environment I use it in, but has even played a huge role for me in boosting my self-esteem for the best.

Ready? The secret is this:

Pretend you’re better.

This is one of the most prominent, practical, and effective tips for improving self-confidence that I have taught myself along the way.

In reality, this advice of building self-confidence is a modification of the primary technique ‘you’re the best.’ Because, let’s face it, you’re not. I’m not. In fact, nobody is. In other words, we all lack something or the other in some sort of ways. But, having said that, pretending you’re better and believing it yourself go a long way in enhancing your self-esteem.

How does this method of increasing your self-confidence work?

I’m sure I’m not the only one who has felt my self-confidence levels fluctuating according to the type of company I keep. So why do we feel so?

The reason you know how to increase your self-confidence in such situations is because you know that you’re better. You don’t just simply believe it. In fact, you know it. You know that you are better than them in whatever aspects that you value in your opinion.

Subsequently, you feel more confident with a person who is an amateur at a skill that you master. When learning how to cook, maybe you feel a little less confident in the company of someone who knows cooking like the back of their hand.

So, the next time you go meet someone new or are required to interact with new people in a group, just believe that you’re better than them. You don’t have to be the best, neither do you actually need to be better. Just simply believing it in your heart will do the trick.

Repeat it to yourself time and again that you believe you’re better than them, until you really start believing so. You’d be surprised to see the wonders it works in boosting your self-esteem.

This, again, has nothing to do with morals. You don’t have to start putting them down or begin to dominate them. If only you learn this trick of mastering and increasing self-confidence, you’ve half the game won!

Above all, when your self-value is running in the negative, use this tactic to get yourself to the surface. You can then think of channeling your morals in the right direction later on. But, for now, your only intention must be to get your self-confidence running. By hook or by crook.

How can you put it into practice?

I understand that not everyone may be well-versed with this technique. Which is why, I’ve framed a few practical and efficient methods to help you carry out this lifehack smoothly.

  • Dress well and present yourself at your optimum best.
  • Look at the person in the eye when talking, because, well, you’re better than them. Duh!
  • Keep your head held high since you’re better.
  • Since you’re better than them and your knowledge also surpasses theirs, never hesitate to share your opinions, ideas, views, and thoughts you find worthwhile.

Believing that you’re better than them will not only increase your self-confidence but also polish and refine it as the days go by. This method is not meant to get you arrogant or cocky in any way. You shouldn’t be putting down others in any form whatsoever just because you believe you’re better than them.

Low self-esteem usually arises when one feels that they lack a certain sense of accomplishment or fulfillment in their own regard. In addition to that, people who fall prey to low self-confidence are often quite unaware of their own capabilities and talents.

Likewise, believing you’re better than the person you’re interacting with will shun these doubts about yourself leading to a healthy conversation and, subsequently, a worthwhile relationship.

Summing it up:

This lifehack of building self-confidence step-by-step has saved many of my days and it will do the same for you. Most importantly, it comes handy in a lot of situations where you often find your self-confidence dwindling. Say, when placing an order, or speaking with a stranger on the bus, or simply interacting with the best performer in your class or office.

Just tell yourself that you’re better than them in ways that suit you. This way, you’ll soon be improving your self-confidence bit by bit until you actually become far better than most people in the aspects you fancy. You needn’t be fake-believing it anymore.

But don’t expect a lot from yourself at the first few instances, especially if you have really low self-esteem generally. Instead, make it a daily habit of using this technique of believing yourself to be better along with implementing a few practical tips for improving self-confidence. And most importantly, give yourself time to evolve and improve gradually.

Until then, make little amends and take baby steps in this regard. Be consistent and you’ll soon see its magic working with time.

After all, you really are better, aren’t you?

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