6 Major Reasons Why You Should Take Up Freelancing as A Profession

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So you’ve heard your friends talking about how freelancing is the answer to fulfil your dreams and make it big in life. Or you’ve come across a successful person talking great about freelancing and how a 9-5 job will keep you within unnecessary confinements.

Although the latter may not be completely true, the former really is. Freelancing is definitely the answer to most existing problems when it comes to making a career.

Not only does it present you with a horde of convenient options to choose from, it also works wonders in scaling your productivity several notches higher when it comes to professionalism.

Here ae 6 reasons why you must consider taking up freelancing, with our without a day job, writeaway! See what I did there?

  • No capped income:

This is why you’re even here reading this, right?! Jokes apart, freelancing does give you an upper hand as far as your income is concerned. The sayings are true.

There is no ceiling and no cap whatsoever that will decide the upper limit of your income where you’re freelancing. The amount of success you achieve and the money you make is directly proportional to the amount of hard work and smart work you put in.

You may be working extra hours to get your band rolling in the beginning. But, as soon as it takes off, the money will start coming in too.

  • Working at your convenience:

Most work profiles seldom allow their employees to work from a place of their choice at a time of their choice on a project of their choice. While this setting may work for most people, many others don’t function well in a tight schedule of this sort.

I’ve found myself working on my projects while sitting beside my grandma’s bed in the hospital, on a vacation with my family (when everyone’s off to sleep, of course), or late at nights when I was too tempted to miss a day out with my cousins!

Freelancing allows you to work at a time when your mind is at its productive peak. For a person who caters to multiple other jobs and responsibilities, freelancing comes like a breath of fresh air where you can be working along with taking care of your baby, watching your neighbor’s kid, or simply playing with your dog.

  • Keeping up with trends:

What is trending and relevant now may not be so a few years down the line. And the only work profile in which you can swiftly change lanes in none other than freelancing. You can simply add or subtract the kind of skills you sell based on the current demand.

What’s more, you can always teach yourself these upcoming trends and the skills required to keep them in place without having to seek anybody’s permission or approval. All in all,

  • Better productivity:

Freelancing and working at your own convenience paves way for better work performance at whatever you choose to do.

Since you won’t be spending long hours travelling to and from work, deciding your attire for the day, and focusing on making and packing your lunch each day, you’re bound to become more productive workwise.

In addition to that, freelancing gives allows you to completely get rid of office politics and dirty tactics that go around in a corporate environment. You won’t be constantly looking to please your bosses or preventing someone else from taking credit for your work.

In the long run, these little advantages add up to enhance your overall work performance and productivity that goes on to pay huger returns in the days, months, and years down the line.

  • More learning opportunities:

When freelancing, you aren’t working in a capsulated environment where you only need to polish a certain set of skills. You’re the only one who decides what your skills will be and what you need to learn in order to keep yourself abreast of changing times.

In other words, the world and the first-hand experiences of its people is your learning table. You are free to work upon skills of your choice that sell. You can take online courses, seek internships, and work simply for experience until you get the hang of it.

This ensures that your mind doesn’t is constantly on the run and doesn’t waste away staying stagnated doing mundane jobs with each passing day.

  • Full control of your profession:

Lastly, freelancing gives you an edge over your profession like no other work profile can. You sure have to face more challenges than your peers working in a stable and secure office environment. You’ll also be earning far less than them in the initial stages of your career.

But, trust me when I tell you this: It all pays off in a few years’ time. Freelancing, being your own employer & employee, and gaining full control of your income stabilizes and improves your growth graph drastically in a couple of years.

The growth happens exponentially once your career starts taking off. And only because you decided to take control of it when the time was right.

Summing it up:

Having been there and done that, I can give you my first-hand experience at freelancing. It is not a cakewalk like people assume it to be, but it offers nothing but the best returns on your investment in terms of time, money, and efforts.

so take your time and analyses your options. Ask yourself what is it that you seek from your work profile. And when you’re completely content and satisfied with your answers, you can go ahead and take the leap of faith.

Stat slow, start small. Take up freelancing gigs and projects alongside your day job until the former materializes enough to dominate the lion’s share of your income!

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