How I Push Myself Out of My Comfort Zone Everyday

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We have all heard success stories of people saying that how they pushed themselves out of their comfort zone which paved way for their growth and development later in life. But how exactly do you do that? The very fact that you’re reading this is proof enough that you want to try and test your limits and mould yourself into the best version that you can be.

I am not a very successful person, yet. But I am constantly working on a few tips myself each day to expand my comfort zone and include everything I can in it. These are practical and effective hacks that you can master just being consistent while using them. Play around with these hacks a little until you customise them according to your personality.

So, pen, paper, me, you. Let’s go!

Start small. And steady:

This is the most crucial step when you’ve just decided to take control of your life and confront your impulses. However, if you’ve just started out, don’t look towards taking big and drastic steps. Instead start slow and small, but keep steady at it.

For example, if you have made up your mind to master the art of public speaking and, currently, even talking to a stranger makes you uncomfortable, go speak to enough strangers first before you get on stage. Talk to one, then a few, then a small group and, very soon, you’ll then be addressing an audience.

Face your fears:

The professional environment that you feel safe and protected in is deadly for your growth. Facing your fears doesn’t mean you go and jump in the next well or go meet a tiger. If introducing yourself to a stranger scares you, go do it. If walking into a room full of people scares the living daylights out of you just because you’ll be turning heads, do just that!

These are baby steps that will only compound into big returns if you keep at it. The biggest advantage of implementing these small techniques is that they will encourage you to try your hands at bigger fears. This will lead to better learning experiences and better growth, both on your personal and professional fronts.

Put yourself in an uplifting environment:

It is not for nothing that people say you become the average of the 5 people you surround yourself with. When you find your company becoming stagnant in their growth and not encouraging you to try out new things, it is now time to search for a better one.

You don’t necessarily have to like these people. You just need to imitate the way their mind works and implement those techniques into your life as well. Keep your company right, and you won’t ever have to worry about consciously administering good habits. Your friends and their respective and productive ways of life will compel you to do the job.  

Base your lifestyle on it:

I am habitual to taking a short nap in the middle of the day. When I was younger, I always choose to sleep with a bedsheet on right after lunch. But recently, I realised that sleeping with a blanket makes me want to sleep more. I only wake up feeling groggy having missed a few precious and productive hours. And then, you guessed it, I ditched the bedsheet!

I was able to wake up sooner because of being uncomfortable. So, instead of sleeping for 2 hours in a row, I was getting my perfect 20-30 minutes afternoon siesta, leaving me refreshed and energized with enough time to do my work.

If running errands make you uncomfortable because you don’t like walking or you aren’t good at calculations, you know just what to do. If working out isn’t your thing, it is high time it becomes one. You get the idea. Also, I still use a bedsheet when I sleep at night!

Make it a habit:

Once you get the hang of challenging your comfort zone at every level, make it a habit thereon. Remember that pushing your comfort zone is not a one-stop destination. Rather, it is a journey, a never-ending one at that. Make it a norm to try out different things at every step in life.

Keep at it until it becomes an inseparable part of your personality. Make it the core of your character. Make it such an integral part of your being that you give out those successful vibes while simultaneously inspiring others to try out their limits as well.

Be patient:

Patience, after consistency, is the key here. If you’re just started trying yourself, there is a high chance that you may end up doubtful of your own capabilities or begin to think that this process is nothing but a joke. But remember that this won’t happen overnight.

It takes weeks, even years, for a change to show up as an overnight success. As no tree grows in a day and no tiger cub is ready to kill within weeks of being born, you won’t be ready to take on success with only a few weeks or months of trying and challenging yourself.

You need to be patient, trust the process, keep doing your part diligently, and wait for the good results to manifest themselves in due course of time. With enough time, it definitely will happen.

Keep evolving:

When you keep challenging your comfort zone, there will come a time when you become accustomed to doing things that scared you when you first started out. When that happens, know that it is time to push further.

Anything, when done for the first time, is quite demanding, especially if you’re going beyond your limits. The trick is to always keep yourself on your toes. Keep trying new things that you underestimate yourself with or those that you think you can’t do. This is the ultimate step to defeating the comfort zone and bringing forth a fun game out of it!

Summing It Up:

I’ll be honest. It isn’t easy pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. It is a never-ending, life-long process that isn’t meant for everyone. But the good news is that it gets easier with time. The more you step out of your boundaries, the more habitual you get to doing it often. And before you know it, it is now part of your personality and ingrained aspect of your being.

However, before this culminates into a habit and becomes your driving force, you need to constantly remind yourself to do so. If you’re keen on becoming successful, your comfort zone is your biggest enemy. You gotta drive it away before it strangles your productivity and leaves you stagnant in your growth.

So, what are you waiting for? Go out there, challenge your limitations, make yourself uneasy, and inconvenience yourself. Do it consciously until it becomes your new comfort zone!

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