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 So, why this blog?

Growing up, I was quite an introvert. And shy. Shyness and introversion is not quite a good combination which almost always makes you anti-social. And don’t even get me started on issues like low self-esteem, guilt, isolation, rejection, desperation, and chronic sadness.

In a nutshell, that’s precisely what happened to me. And no, I’m not depressed.

However, over the limited years of my existence, I have realized that this approach to life is restraining many of my potential improvements. During the last 5 years, I have made just enough progress to comment on, and maybe rightly advise, teens and their conditions.

This blog is solely meant to help young people who are not just struggling with the drastic and sudden changes in life, but are also looking to find a way out. By any means.

Dedicated mainly towards teens and young adults, the lessons stem from my personal experiences which can relate to everyone alike.

If I can positively impact even one life and prevent them from going down the road of self-loathe and destruction, I’d consider my job done.

See ya within!

What's In Store For You?

It is always better, and less expensive, to learn from other’s mistakes than your own, right? And I’ll be that ‘other person’ for you.

Here, I’ll bring forth the ways I’ve unravelled to get work done, keep and improve relationships, land better career opportunities, increase the chances of better job prospects, enhance health, and keep a sane mind through it all!

The writing industry, especially freelance copy writing, dishes out some of the major high-paying jobs currently, if only you learn how to cash in on the gold.

Freelancing is the need and the demand of the hour. Here, I’ll be solving the primary doubts and questions regarding taking up freelance copy writing as a career that most college-going youngsters may have.

I’ve figured out my own ways of battling daily unpleasant scenarios. Here, I speak majorly of what common issues we undergo each day but never make amends to use them to our advantage.

You’ll not only learn how to channel your efforts and energy in the right course but also to turn these,  chances around and employ them for your own  benefits.

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